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I have quite a large clientel of satisfied customers from all over the country and would be glad to provide you with references if you need them. There has been hundreds of thousands of dollars won on BER Custom Lure Painting lures with very happy clients!

HD Bluegill

Pattern - "HD Bluegill"

I have several lines of custom painting beginning with my "Standard" patterns. These usually consist on only about two or three colors with "Gills", "Kill Spots" and some shading. My next line is my "Custom" line in that I've painted or helped design patterns for my clients wanting something for their body of water. My third line of painting is my "Hi-Defination" patterns. These are very time consuming in that I try to acheive the real life realistic patterns of actual fish. These have a lot more detail painted on them and some have told me "They are to pretty to fish". My next and final line of painting is my "Matched" series of painting. This is where I try to match a pattern or color for a client that is no longer available or very hard to come by. You can check out my "Original" link for a side by side comaprision of a few I have done over the years.

HD Real Shad

Pattern "Grass Bream"


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