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Smallmouth – March 2, 2014

Ronnie Ellis fished with Dave and I yesterday on an awesome fishing trip. Here are three of Ronnie’s best five bass that weighed 24.15 pounds.

Ronnie's 5.05 smallmouth

Ronnie’s 5.05 smallmouth

Ronnie's 5.00 largemouth

Ronnie’s 5.00 largemouth

Ronnie's 6.01 largemouth

Ronnie’s 6.01 largemouth

Smallmouth – March 02, 2014

Dave was fishing with Ronnie and I yesterday for smallmouth, Dave’s best five weighted 26.04 pounds. Here are photos of his best five fish.

Dave 4.11 smallie

Dave 4.11 smallie

Dave's 4.14 smallmouth

Dave’s 4.14 smallmouth

Dave's 5.00 smallmouth

Dave’s 5.00 smallmouth

Dave's 5.06 smallmouth

Dave’s 5.06 smallmouth

Dave's 6.06 smallmouth

Dave’s 6.06 smallmouth

Smallmouth Fishing – March 2, 2014

Here is my best five fish I caught yesterday. These five fish weighted 26.08 pounds which include a 5.07 pound Mean Mouth bass which is a cross between a Spotted bass and a Smallmouth bass.

5.02 Smallmouth

5.02 Smallmouth

5.11 Smallmouth

5.11 Smallmouth

5.07 Mean Mouth

5.07 Mean Mouth

5.01 Largemouth

5.01 Largemouth

5.03 Smallmouth

5.03 Smallmouth




Pickwick – Nov 4, 2013 – Lake Report

I had a chance to make a fishing trip to Pickwick yesterday. The water temperature had dropped about five degrees since my last trip last week dropping to 63*. I headed up river from Waterloo to fish a few grass beds I like to fish but the strong wind made it almost impossible to fish properly. I wanted to fish a mid lake hump for smallmouth but the wind already had the lake white capping when i got there. I headed back down river to fish another huge grass-bed on the main lake but hidden a little from the wind.

I was fishing a buzz-bait on the outside edge of the grass and did manage to catch a couple of bass on the lure. I also had one fish on a Quad-Spin spinnerbait and another one on one of my custom painted 201 crankbaits in my HD Creek Chub pattern. After the wind got up here and made the fishing almost impossible to fish it slowly enough  I moved into Second Creek. I took three bass here on a Drop-Shot rig and another one on the buzz-bait that went about 3 pounds.

I finally gave up on the bass and tried fishing for stripe bass after seeing the gulls diving on schools of shad.I threw The Alabama Rig and did manage to catch three stripe. I spent the rest of the day riding around looking for man-made structure with my Hummingbird Side Image unit. I did find a good looking spot to try when the fish were biting and the wind not howling.

Over all the fishing was slow as a couple of buddies of mine were on the lake as well and they said they only had a few fish themselves. I’ll be going back to the lake on Pickwick this coming Thursday and will try top post a report after that trip.


Humminbird Side Image – School of Stripe

I had a chance to hit the lake Tuesday for a day of fishing. I was bass fishing on Pickwick lake and my fishing buddy and I caught around 25 bass. While we were fishing a school of Stripe came up and started chasing schools of bait fish. When I idled over to where they were this is the view from my Humminbird 1158C Down Image unit. This school of stripe was massive and as you can see from the following photos they were biting. We caught about 50 stripe in a very short time. Most of the stripe were caught on a Krocodile Spoon in 1/4 ounce and a multi-wire umbrella rig.


What a massive school of feeding Stripe looks like on my Down Image. As you can tell from the photo above the Stripe are chasing bait-fish in this case (Shad).


What a school of non-feeding Stripe looks like on my Down Image. There are no schools of bait-fish (Shad) around this school of Stripe.


This is the size of the fish were were both looking at on the Down Image and were catching.


How about catching up to three fish at a time from the school!

Matt Lawler – 31.7 Pounds on Alabama Rig

I got these photos recently from a buddy Matt Lawler of a huge stringer of bass he caught on The Alabama Rig back this spring. The five bass limit weighted 31.7 pounds!


7.15 on The Alabama Rig. All these same day added up to 31.7 lbs in about 2 hours….


8.4 pounds


Left to right, 8.4, 7.0, 5.3, 7.15!

Robert Eaton – BER Custom Lure Painting Results

Hello Bob just wanted to send you some pictures of three very big fish I caught last week on one of the custom painted lures you painted for me.

Caught 3 Muskie’s with the biggest 53 1/2″ long and weighted 45 pounds. Biggest Northern Pike was 42″ long with a 22″ girth and weighted 41 pounds. The last was a 31 1/2″ walleye that weighted in at 12.7 pounds. All were caught trolling that Mann’s +25 deep diving crank bait that you painted in the HD Creek Chub color pattern. I will be sending you 4 more brand new lures for you to paint that exact color pattern.

Your the best!
Thanks again
Bob Eaton
Omaha, NE


If you look in my boat to the left you can see that lure sitting on my bench that I just pulled out of that norther’ns mouth. It was full blood because he swallowed it and i had to cut it out. It had a 16 inch sucker in his belly.
Great job on painting that lure for me. I could have sold a dozen of them up there when I was there. (Canada)
I told everyone to contact you.


Robert Eaton

Jake Fields – BER Custom Lure Painting Results

Overall the plug bite is not all that great this year, but those very slow days were everyone is trying hard to get a couple fish we at least one more than the next best boat in our area on that green glitter plug you made; sorry no pictures for those. Today on the other hand was a pretty good day for our boat. Most of our fish again came on flasher/fly combos but your bait pulled the biggest fish today pictured below.

Thanks again,

Jake August 2013 Jakesbox

All these plugs were painted by BER Custom Lure Painting.

Pickwick and Heat Stroke!

The water temperature was 83* in the morning and got up to 86* by the end of the day.

Well I was off work yesterday and planned a trip to Pickwick Lake by myself. I had originally planned to make the trip with a buddy from work but something came up and he had to cancel out on me. I got a late start and put in at Brush Creek Ramp around 8:30 am to start my day. I wanted to try some old way-points down river that I had not fished in a few years. The water level was around 413.5 or so with a good current flow. The first couple of spots I tried I did not catch any fish but wish I had tried them again later in the day as the bite turned on late.

The next spot I tried as a small hump with a grass bed out in front of the Waterloo Road on the main lake. I did manage to catch a couple of small bass here on one of my custom painted square bill crank-baits. With the very heavy current and high water we had all last week the huge grass beds have really been washed out. Some of the grass was washed out roots and all but overall I think Pickwick will again return with a good amount of grass. The grass beds, hydrilla and coontail has really improved the size and number of fish in this old lake that was once called the Dead Sea.

I next moved down river to a few humps across from the mouth of Bear Creek and again did not catch any bass but did see a few fish suspended on my Humminbird 1198 side image unit. I forgot to mention I recently added a new 1158C Combo down image to the front of my boat and really love that unit for the detail it shows. I did not catch any bass here and I threw a 3/4 ounce football jig made for me by a long time fishing buddy Larry Brackin of LB’s Custom Lures. (More on his lures in another post)

I then moved into a huge cove and saw bass busting shad and knew from the sound they had to be big bass. I picked up my favorite top-water walking bait in my DFA pattern which stands for Death From Above and tossed it into a group of feeding bass and on the first cast caught a largemouth that pulled the scales down to 5.96 pounds. I was by my self so i could not get any photos. I had another one that weighted 4.48 pounds two casts later along with several in the 1.5 to 2.5  pound range before the top-water bite was over. This was around 11:00 am but I would think it would have be much better early in the morning before the sun got almost straight up in the middle of the day.

Death From Above


I then headed back up river to a few mid lake humps and ledges to try a few new lures I had in my box. The air temperature had risen to over 90* by this time and there was no breeze at all. I knew from a trip a few years back that these conditions can cause Heat Stroke if I was not careful so I made sure to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of liquids.  I moved to a favorite hump I call SSHH or Super Secret Honey Hole and dropped my anchor as I always do on this spot.

I knew from the past that if the current is running I needed to throw my lures up river and let them wash down with the current in order to catch the bass. I usually start out with my favorite search lure which is a football jig. I made a few casts but caught nothing. I picked up a 10″ worm and on the first cast caught a 3 pound bass. But after throwing is several more time caught nothing else.

As I was fishing the worm I saw a school of big bass push a school of shad to the top and were feeding on them. I normally keep a rod rigged with a topwater lure handy for this reason and when I picked it up and threw it trying to reach the school I got a professional overrun or (back-lash) of course. The school went down so I picked up a big 5.5″ swimbait on a 3/4 ounce head Larry had poured for me and threw it out to where the school went down. As I was slow rolling the lure back a bass almost too the rod out of my hand. It came up and jumped and looked to be in the four to five pound range but threw the lure. On the next four or five casts I either caught a three pound plus bass or lost one when they came off.

After tearing up all the 5.5″ swimbaits I had I picked up one of the new Strike King 10XD crankbaits I had bought the day before in the Sexy Shad color and made a long cast with it and on the second cast I had a big bass take the lure away from me! Dang it this was the only one I had and there went $14.99!

I ended up moving up river to another hump mostly to get a little breeze in my face since I was getting over headed and need to cool off a bit. The next spot I anchored at I caught another three to four pound bass on my search bait (football jig) along with a couple more around three pounds each.

By now it was around 4:30 pm and the air temperature was around 99* with no breeze blowing and I was starting to feel the effect of the heat, even though I was drinking a lot of fluids and placing a wet towel on my neck. I started feeling dizzy and light headed and was a little upset at my stomach and knew these were early signs of heat stroke.

I headed back to the ramp to call it a day. By the time I got to the ramp I was feeling pretty bad and did not think I was going to be able to put my boat on the trailer. I sat in the truck with the air conditioning on max with the cold air blowing on my head to try and cool down as much as possible. I finally got the boat on the trail and made it to the house where I went inside and took a cold shower. Still not feeling too good I ate a bite drank a lot of liquids and had under a fan until i finally went to be. I feel 100% better this morning and will  make sure I do not do that again in the future!

Over all it was a great day of fishing with my best five going above 20 pounds with about 20 to 25 bass caught most in the three pound range. So heed the warnings and be careful out there on those hot summer days!

Tight Lines…….

Pickwick – June 3, 4, 2013

I have not posted much this week as I have been on a five day vacation fishing adventure. I have been off work since last Monday afternoon and have fished every day except Sunday. Most of my fishing was on Pickwick Lake but I did make a couple of trips on Wilson Lake.

One of my fishing buddies Ronnie Ellis met me on Pickwick Lake after I got off work Monday afternoon and we had a pretty good afternoon with about a dozen bass or so for the couple of hours we had to fish.

On Tuesday morning we got up early and headed to Pickwick Lake, we had a dual propose for the day. The first of course was to have fun fishing but the second was to help find fish for a buddy in the upcoming Shoals Bass Youth tournament on Saturday.

We pulled up on a main lake point and I started throwing one of my custom painted square-bill 1.5” crankbaits in my Hunger Pang pattern and caught a bass on my second cast with it. We wound up catching at least thirty bass here on the crankbait, and top-water lures in another of my patterns DFA (Death From Above). I even had a double on the top-water lure catching two bass on the lure on one cast. The fish were not big with the largest one about two and a half pounds. Since I knew the bass were here we left it and moved to another point across the lake. Here again we used the same crankbait and caught at least thirty to thirty five bass here as well. No Top-water fish, they only wanted the small crankbait.

We left there and went to a small mid-lake hump I have fished in the past. I was throwing a 3.5 inch green pumpkin tube on a 3/16 ounce lead head on Mr. Crappie chartreuse monofilament line in six pound test. On my first cast I caught a drum, then another one and then a small catfish another drum another catfish and then my largest bass to date on Pickwick Lake. I’m not sure of the exact weight but I’d have to say over ten pounds as I have caught a nine pound twelve ounce bass before and this one was much larger than it was.

We caught about seventy bass on Pickwick on this day which of course I called it a success. I’ll post how we did in another post the other days.

Tight lines….

Bob Pickwick Hawg