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Helix 12 Mega Scan Images

Here are a few images I captured from my recordings from my Helix 12 Mega Scan and then viewed through DeepView. This program will work with Humminbird Helix and the old Core units such as the 798, 898. 998, 1198, 799, 899, 999 and the 1199 units. You must convert the recording to Son2xtf format to view the recording on you home computer. Check this blog for more information on how  to record, convert and view the recording on you home computer. Humminbird Viewing on Your PC


Sunken barge.

Sunken boat.

Crappie top placed by a friend.

Shellcracker beds, can you see the fish in the beds?

Carp probably Asian.

Top with crappie.

Fishing Log – March 2, 2018

I made a spur of the moment fishing trip yesterday on Pickwick Lake as I was hearing about all the big fish that are being caught right now. The weather was pretty nice with the low in the morning at 41* and a high of around 58*. There were very few clouds in the sky and the wind   shifted during the day. The wind was blowing out of the north when I started but shifted out of the WNW as the day progressed. The water was very muddy as TVA was running current through the lakes at about 245,000 cfs, we have had a lot of rain this past week. The water temperature was 57* to 58* in the area I was fishing.The key for me was to find clear water running into the lake mixing with the muddy water. These areas seemed to be holding the shad in the shallow warm water. I did notice several time shad flicking on top and if I threw to those areas I would either get a bite or catch a fish.

The best lures for me were two primary lures one was a Squarebill 1.5 crankbait in my Hunger Pang pattern and the other was a Rattle Trap I painted in the Dark Crystal Craw pattern. I fished these two lures about 95 percent of the day. I did catch one fish on each of the following , an 1/8 ounce shaky-head with a Zoom Green Pumpkin Trick Worm and one on a Texas rigged Vibe tail Speed worm. I had a couple hit a spinnerbait but did not hook either one even though I had a trailer hook on it.BER Custom Lure Painting – Hunger Pang.BER Custom Lure Painting – Dark Crystal Craw

I ended up catching a total of 27 bass with most of them in the 15″ range. My best bass pushed 5 pounds. Overall it was good day of fishing since this is the first trip out since the first week of December from last year.

Tight lines until my next post.

Side Scanning Docks for Crappie

I recently had a chance to hit the lake for a day of crappie fishing. From reports from friends and others I had heard that the Dock Shooting bite was on for the crappie. A co-worker of mine Phil Lowry and I headed to the lake and launched my Ranger, powered on the Humminbird Onix and headed for the area of the lake we wanted to fish. I started on a point and turned my unit to side scan at 100′ out each side as I was wanting to convert the recording data into an AutoChart Pro map to be used in my Humminbird units. I had the chart speed set to 5 and was idling my boat at about 3.5 mph or so. Here is a link to a short video I did off the recording sorry for the shaking video as I was trying to hold my smartphone as I was viewing the recording. Side Scanning Docks for Crappie. Below is a photo of a screen shot from the recording. We shot this dock and caught about 20 crappie from this dock.


Below is a huge top placed in the lake by another crappie fisherman. We only caught about 6 crappie from this top.


Below is a photo of the largest crappie I caught that day, I’d say a little over two pounds.