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Colby’s Big Cat’s

I had the pleasure of meeting a fine young man Colby Calhoun  this past week at Gander Mountain in our fishing department. We were talking about larger size spinning tackle when the subject came up about what he likes to fish for. Colby pulled out his smartphone and started sharing photos with me of the huge catfish he catches from shore. As you can see from the photos below he catches some huge catfish. Nice fish Colby and thanks for sharing with me and mt readers.

BigCat1 Bigcat2

Dave’s Flathead

Here is Dave with a huge Flathead he caught while smallmouth fishing. As you can see you are a likely to catch about anything while fishing for bass. This one came on a plastic fluke while he was fishing for smallmouth bass. We also caught largemouth bass and drum.

Dave's huge flathead catfish.

Dave’s huge flathead catfish.

Smallmouth fishing this week! – Tennessee River

Check out this beauty I caught today. I also had a 5.18, 5.22, 4.55 and a 3.00 pounder. This one weighed 6.54 pounds…..
6.52 Smallouth

6.52 Smallmouth

Dave’s stringer today: 4.03, 5.04 Mean Mouth, 5.01, 4.11, 5.12, 6.13,5.00, and another Mean Mouth at 5.03 pounds.

6.13 Mean Mouth a cross of a Spotted Bass and a Smallmouth Bass. Notice the lateral line and the vertical bars?

5.04 Mean Mouth a cross of a Spotted Bass and a Smallmouth Bass. Notice the lateral line and the vertical bars?

Jeff’s stringer (Dave’s buddy) – 4.00, 4.10, 5.09, 5.01, 4.12, 4.09, 4.11, and a monster at 7.00 pounds.


7.00 pound smallmouth his personal best!

7.00 pound smallmouth his personal best!

Ronnie only had one fish at 4.32 pounds. But he had two huge Blue’s the other one was about 40 pounds!
Ronnie's big Blue Catfish.

Ronnie’s big Blue Catfish.

Wheeler Lake – Big Cats

I met a customer at Gander Mountain recently and he was telling me about his grandson catching huge catfish on wheeler Lake in North Alabama. He sent me these photos but I did not get his grandsons name. As you can tell from these photos he does catch some huge catfish and all of these were caught off his pier.

Bigcat1 Bigcat2 Bigcat3

Dave – Big Catfish

Dave sent me this photo of a huge catfish he caught yesterday while fishing for smallmouth. Dave told me he landed this huge fish while using 12 pound test line. I bet that was some battle there Dave?


Samantha a day at the lake

Friend Samantha Harvey spend a recent day on the lake bank fishing with her boyfriend. This is one of the fish they caught on the trip. So if it’s fishing from the bank or fishing from a $50,000 bass boat it’s all about being outdoors and enjoying God’s creations. Nice catfish there Samantha, bet it was a tasty morsel at the close of the day.