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Lake Guntersville 2013 – Rat-L-Trap Tournament

This past weekend Bill Lewis Lures held their second annual tournament on Alabama’s Lake Guntersville. All contestants had to use only Rat-L-Trap lures during the tournament. Since I have painted a lot of actual Rat-L-Trap lure bodies in the past I had a lot of request from some of my clients looking to see what I had or could paint for them to use in the tournament. Several requested my old favorite pattern “Black Crappie Chartreuse” this pattern is a proven pattern on the Big “G” in the past years.

I did not have any of these so most of them used different patterns that I had painted for them in the past. I sent a few lures the boy friend of a co worker of mine that was going to fish the tournament. He actually won the tournament using my patterns! He and his partner had 26.45 pounds for the five fish limit! Way to go Taylor and thanks for using BER Custom Painted Lures!

Taylor Luna and partner