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A Lazy Day on the Lake

I received this photo from a buddy of mine yesterday Bo McAdam’s of a unique sight he ran across on the lake. I looks like from the photo that this armadillo  was just taking a relaxing swim on the water. Bo told me that he started to hand the thing a cold drink he looked so relaxed. This is nature at work allowing the animal to drift across streams, lakes and big bodies of water. Thanks Bo for sharing the photo.


Dave and I – A Day on the Lake

I recently had the privilege of spend a day on the lake fishing with Dave. If you have read this blog much you have then seen a lot of photos of Dave and the huge smallmouth and largemouth bass he catches.

When I first met Dave I was impressed with his knowledge of fishing and the use of certain lures he uses to catch those huge bass. He is not one dimensional in fishing one lure type but knows how to fish a variety of different types of lures. During our day of fishing he caught fish on crankbaits, jigs, plastics and a couple of other lure types. We had a very good day with our best five fish going well over twenty pounds. I had one smallmouth in the four pound range.

Dave impressed me the most with his great personality and was great to be around. Another thing that impressed me was his ability to read the current breaks, seams, edges and flow of the water. He has spent countless hours learning to do this and I had a hard time understanding what he was trying to point out to me. But if I hit the spot he told me to catch to or he cast to we would catch a fish. We caught largemouth, smallmouth, drum and catfish during our trip. Below are a few photos from our day on the lake.


100_1343 Dave061013

Pickwick Lake – John Maner

Here’s another photo I got from John Maner of a nice bass he caught on Pickwick Lake yesterday. John told me they caught about forty bass during their afternoon fishing trip. Thanks for sharing the photo John.

John Maner

Pickwick – June 3, 4, 2013

I have not posted much this week as I have been on a five day vacation fishing adventure. I have been off work since last Monday afternoon and have fished every day except Sunday. Most of my fishing was on Pickwick Lake but I did make a couple of trips on Wilson Lake.

One of my fishing buddies Ronnie Ellis met me on Pickwick Lake after I got off work Monday afternoon and we had a pretty good afternoon with about a dozen bass or so for the couple of hours we had to fish.

On Tuesday morning we got up early and headed to Pickwick Lake, we had a dual propose for the day. The first of course was to have fun fishing but the second was to help find fish for a buddy in the upcoming Shoals Bass Youth tournament on Saturday.

We pulled up on a main lake point and I started throwing one of my custom painted square-bill 1.5” crankbaits in my Hunger Pang pattern and caught a bass on my second cast with it. We wound up catching at least thirty bass here on the crankbait, and top-water lures in another of my patterns DFA (Death From Above). I even had a double on the top-water lure catching two bass on the lure on one cast. The fish were not big with the largest one about two and a half pounds. Since I knew the bass were here we left it and moved to another point across the lake. Here again we used the same crankbait and caught at least thirty to thirty five bass here as well. No Top-water fish, they only wanted the small crankbait.

We left there and went to a small mid-lake hump I have fished in the past. I was throwing a 3.5 inch green pumpkin tube on a 3/16 ounce lead head on Mr. Crappie chartreuse monofilament line in six pound test. On my first cast I caught a drum, then another one and then a small catfish another drum another catfish and then my largest bass to date on Pickwick Lake. I’m not sure of the exact weight but I’d have to say over ten pounds as I have caught a nine pound twelve ounce bass before and this one was much larger than it was.

We caught about seventy bass on Pickwick on this day which of course I called it a success. I’ll post how we did in another post the other days.

Tight lines….

Bob Pickwick Hawg

Pickwick – Catch A Dream Tournament

The Catch A Dream bass tournament was held on Pickwick Lake yesterday out of JP Coleman State Park. The tournament format was with two, two man teams with only four fish per boat allowed. The winning teams of Curt Brown, Carey Clark, Andy Houpt and Mitch Harrison took the win using BER Custom Painted  Lures crankbaits on one of my HD patterns with a total weight of eight fish 40.04 pounds. They also had the lunker with an 8.04 largemouth caught on the same crankbait. Way to go guys! I forgot to mention they won over $8000 during the tournament!

Catch A Dream 2013

Curt BrownCarey ClarkAndy Houpt and Mitch Harrison

Catch A Dream 2013

8.04 pound lunker