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Homemade Dropshot Weights

Are you tired of paying high prices for those pre-poured round dropshot weights? If so just make your own for almost no cost at all. All you need is some old lead-head jigheads in different weights. I’m sure you have a lot of these laying around as I do that are rusted, dull hooks. You will also need a pair of side cutting pliers and that is all you need. See the following photos on how I make my own dropshot weights.


Side cutting pliers and an old 1/2 oz. lead jig-head.


Take the pliers and cut off the collar and hook at the rear of the jig-head.


The finished product after the hook and collar had be cut off. I use a snap swivel on the end of my tag line to attach the round homemade dropshot weight.

LB’s Custom Lures – Buzz Rig

LB’s Custom Lures recently started making this Buzz-Rig that combines a buzz-bait along with a multi-wired rig. I had a chance to test this rig this past week and it was a fun setup to throw. I actually caught a bass on it although not a big one on it on my first cast. I was using three 3.5″ swimbaits on my setup with the middle wire having a 1/4 oz. lead-head to act as a keel wight to balance the rig. On the other two outside wires I used LB’s plastic jig-heads that weigh almost nothing. The range of lures to throw on it could be flukes, grubs, swimbaits, tubes, etc. This is a fun rig to throw, can’t wait for fall to get here to toss this rig around the grass mats on Pickwick Lake.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need a high speed 7.1:1 geared reel to throw this rig. I used Suffix 832  20 pound braid tied directly to the rig on a 7’6″ medium heavy action rod.

LB’s gets $12 each for this rig. You can contact him at LB’s Custom Lures for more information.


LB’s Custom Lures – Spinner School

Check out this neat rig created by LB’s Custom Lures, this one has three molded in spinnerbaits along with three more small willowleaf blades attached to the three wires. Since the spinnerbaits are molded in there will not be any tangling of the lures. I personally love to fish The Alabama Rig(R) with five small 3/16 ounce spinnerbaits attached to it and have caught a lot of fish on it. LB’s sells these for $25 each in a wide variety of color options.

Spinner school

Can we say Dumb!

I had a buddy send me this photo he took a couple of weeks ago while fishing below Wilson Dam. With all the high water we had during that time and with all the spillways open this causes a very dangerous condition. If you will look you will see that this guy got out of his boat and climbed upon the diversion wall to try and catch a fish. If he had fallen in there would have been a fatality with the strong undertows, and extremely strong currents.


LB’s Custom Lures – 3/4 oz. Swimbait Jighead

LB’s Custom Lures recently started making a new swimbait head in 3/4 oz size. He uses a 6/0 Mustad black nickel head and the head comes in a variety of color options. If interested contact LB at LB’s Custom Lures. He prices these at $4.00 per two pack. I fished these heads this past Wednesday on Pickwick Lake and caught fish up to 4.5 pounds using a SK 5.5″ swimbait super glurd to the heads.


Dave and Ronnie Ellis – July 14, 2013 – Round 1 & Round 2

Check out these five fish limits caught July 14, 2013 by Ronnie Ellis and Dave S. The first photo was of their first five fish limit. Round two was caught after releasing the first five fish and starting over again. As you can see there is a mix of both smallmouth and largemouth bass in these two limits! Notice the fourth fish from the left, this is a cross of a smallmouth bass and a spotted bass. Look close and you’ll see both the horizontal line of the spotted bass and the vertical lines of the smallmouth bass. These bass we call the Meanmouth!


Round 1


Round 2