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Matt Lawler – 31.7 Pounds on Alabama Rig

I got these photos recently from a buddy Matt Lawler of a huge stringer of bass he caught on The Alabama Rig back this spring. The five bass limit weighted 31.7 pounds!


7.15 on The Alabama Rig. All these same day added up to 31.7 lbs in about 2 hours….


8.4 pounds


Left to right, 8.4, 7.0, 5.3, 7.15!

Robert Eaton – BER Custom Lure Painting Results

Hello Bob just wanted to send you some pictures of three very big fish I caught last week on one of the custom painted lures you painted for me.

Caught 3 Muskie’s with the biggest 53 1/2″ long and weighted 45 pounds. Biggest Northern Pike was 42″ long with a 22″ girth and weighted 41 pounds. The last was a 31 1/2″ walleye that weighted in at 12.7 pounds. All were caught trolling that Mann’s +25 deep diving crank bait that you painted in the HD Creek Chub color pattern. I will be sending you 4 more brand new lures for you to paint that exact color pattern.

Your the best!
Thanks again
Bob Eaton
Omaha, NE


If you look in my boat to the left you can see that lure sitting on my bench that I just pulled out of that norther’ns mouth. It was full blood because he swallowed it and i had to cut it out. It had a 16 inch sucker in his belly.
Great job on painting that lure for me. I could have sold a dozen of them up there when I was there. (Canada)
I told everyone to contact you.


Robert Eaton

Jake Fields – BER Custom Lure Painting Results

Overall the plug bite is not all that great this year, but those very slow days were everyone is trying hard to get a couple fish we at least one more than the next best boat in our area on that green glitter plug you made; sorry no pictures for those. Today on the other hand was a pretty good day for our boat. Most of our fish again came on flasher/fly combos but your bait pulled the biggest fish today pictured below.

Thanks again,

Jake August 2013 Jakesbox

All these plugs were painted by BER Custom Lure Painting.

Updates to Alabama 2012-2013 Dove Hunting

I received this from the Alabama Dept of Conservation today and thought I’d pass it along to you guys.

August 19, 201

Dear Alabama Hunter,

Thank you for supporting hunting and wildlife management in Alabama by your purchase of a hunting license. We hope you plan to continue hunting this fall. There have been major changes concerning the upcoming hunting season we want to tell you about.

Dove Hunting Changes:

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has made changes concerning practices involving mourning dove management which should enhance your hunting experience.

1: There are no longer three planting zones for fall or winter plantings for wheat.

2: Fall and winter wheat may now be top sown statewide from August 1 to November 30. A well prepared seed bed is still required.

3: Approved agricultural planting practices have been expanded.

For a complete review of all of the changes, a copy of the new mourning dove management brochure is available from the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service at or linked to from Federal information concerning dove hunting may be obtained at Dove hunting provides a great opportunity for family and friends to enjoy a positive outdoor experience. Dove hunting is an ideal activity for youth.

The new hunting and fishing licenses go on sale August 26th online at or any place license are sold.

Don’t forget to register (starting August 26th) for the Outdoor Alabama Sweepstakes. Go online for complete information on how you can win.

This email is the first of several you’ll be receiving concerning changes to the upcoming hunting season. If you think some of your hunting friends would like to receive these and future emails, ask them to go online to and sign up to be included. Again, thank you for your support and hunt safely.


Chuck Sykes


Old Bait Restored

Check out this old bass lure that was recently sent to me to restore and repaint. You can see the before and the after photos below. The lure would have looked better with a larger 3D eye but I wanted to keep the original glass eyes. This pattern is my HD Sunburst Real Shad.

Oldbait before and after Oldbait_after

Here is a photo of my new lacquer version of my HD Sunburst Real Shad.

HD Sunburst Real Shad

Dakota Mansell’s Trophy Bass

Dakota Mansell’s 3.2 Large-mouth he caught on August 3, 2013. Dakota stated that this was his largest bass he’s caught to date. Way to go Dakota nice fish and thanks for sharing the photo with us.

Dakota Mansell