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Humminbird Onix – Photos

I had a chance to play with my new Humminbird Onix 10  this pass week for a few hours. I’m still learning and will be posting my review of the unit later as I find the time to get on the lake with it. The two photos below are a screen shot I did after doing some recording and fine tuning the settings. Look at the first photo before looking at the last one and see what all you can find in the screen shot as far as bait fish, bass, bottom objects etc….. These recordings was done witht the 800 kHz settings.

Humminbird Onix 10 screen shot.

Humminbird Onix 10 screen shot.

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Humminbird Onix 10 side image with objects defined.

Humminbird Onix 10 side image with objects defined.

Bass location – 80° – 92°

As the water warms up into this range the bass will be seeking cooler water temperatures to hold them over until the fall feeding frenzy forces them back into the cooling shallow waters. The home or as Buck Perry the father of structure fishing donned it their Sanctuary area. Which is the deepest water in the area. Note I said deepest water in the area not the deepest water in the lake.

Here the bass has access to four things. The first is a quick access to deep water in case of either changing weather conditions or anything that might frighten them.

The second is cooler water temperatures that hold higher oxygen content. Fish are cold blooded so they can adjust to their surrounding water temperatures.

The third is low light levels. Bass are part of the sunfish family that don’t have eye lids to protect their eyes from bright sunlight. With the water in the summer usually at its clearest level the light will penetrate the deepest. So the bass will seek deeper water to avoid the light.

And finally the fourth reason is food. The bass has to feed a lot at this time of the year as their metabolism is racing at a high rate now. The same things that the bass need is the same thing the forage needs so the bass follow them deep to feed.