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Humminbird Side Image Viewing on PC – Part 1

In this Blog I’ll show you how to view recording from your Humminbird Side Image units on your laptop or desktop PC’s. This will allow you to see the images in a higher pixel count on a larger screen. While viewing these recordings you will be able to find things from the records on the larger screens that you might have missed while on the water. You can all so move your mouse cursor over the things you find to get their GPS coordinates. But before you can do this you will of course need to do a few recordings with your Side Image unit while on the water to be able to view them on your PC. Next you will have to download a couple of programs to convert and view them in a viewer. I’ll give you the links below to find the software that you will need. These programs are freeware and then there are some that you can purchase that will give you more options. I’ll be using the free ones in this Blog article.

Step One. – Download the software

The first one you will need is SON2XTF, you can download this program from this link. This file was on Humminbirds website but was removed and I’ve looked for other places to download it but had no luck.

The second program you will need is DeepView.


You can do a Google search for the program or you can download it from this link: DeepView .

After you download the programs install both and now on to the next steps.

Step Two. – Converting Your Recordings


Open the SON2xtf  program and you will be asked for the location of your recording files. (Tip: I move all my recordings from my Humminbird unit to Folders on my computer with the names of the lakes along with the month of the year. For example I create a Folder called Guntersville 2014, inside this folder I’ll create another folder named March 2014. Now move all your recording from Guntersville that you recorded in March of 2014 in this folder. Note make sure to not modify the recording files at all. The recordings will have Folders named Rec0001 and outside that Folder will be files named Rec00001.dat do not rename these files or Folders!


Next select the file you want to convert in this example I selected R00061.DAT to be converted.


Next select the Convert Recording File to XTF to start the converting process. This will take a few seconds to finish.


Once completed you will see the Conversion completed successfully screen. Once you select OK the program will close automatically.

In the next Blog I’ll show you how the view the recordings. Part 2

Humminbird Onix – Side Image

Here is an image that a buddy sent me from a screen capture off his Humminbird Onix Touch screen unit. In this photo see if you can determine what you can find. Scan down to the lower one and I’ll point out a couple of things.



Scan down for next image.