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Humminbird Onix Side Image – Submerged Bridge

Here is an old roadbed and a submerged bridge I scanned with my Humminbird Onix cSI unit this past weekend. I was doing snap shots for Humminbirds Customer Service department on an issue I was having with my Down Image view on the unit. (See prior Blog). The wind was blowing about 10 to 15 mph and the boat was rocking pretty good when I was scanning so I did not spend a lot of time with different angles of the roadbed and bridge. This view was scanned with 455 kHz, I’ll later do another scan using the 800 kHz to get a better quality image.


Humminbird Onix – Software 2.0 Update Problem

Well as you know from all my prior posts I’m a big fan of the Humminbird units which includes my Onix 10ciSI. With the great service I get from Humminbird on any issues I have I have one complaint. Humminbird released their new software update for the Onix in which they noted that there were 690 errors or bugs found in the software. One of the bugs had to do with the Down Image view of the unit. They posted that the new Onix would include the name Hi-Def Down Image crystal as their Down Image units of which I have an 1158 C DI unit. Anyway after doing the update I no longer have Down Image view on my Onix after the update. The Down Image view worked prior to the update but not since.


Anyway I have contacted Humminbird and after talking to Customer Service (very polite) they wanted me to take some snap shots of the unit and email them to them to see if they could determine the problem this took me about a week as I could not get on the water with my unit. After emailing them the requested photos they determined that the unit would have to be returned for repairs. This is the second time I have had to return an Onix for repairs to them. They are very fast in making the repairs and returning the units back to me but it costs me about $35 each time to ship the unit to them.

One gripe I had with them was that the first time I returned the unit for repairs they send me back a older refurbished unit. I know this as the serial numbers did not match the one I returned for repairs!

I’ll keep you updated on this issue when I get the Onix back from Humminbird.

Lowrance – Data Overlay


In this blog I’ll go through the steps of adding or changing the Overlay Data that displays on your different screens. This blog covers the HDS Gen2 models only.


Data Overlay


First step is to select the Menu button and select Settings, then press ENTER.


First step is to select the Menu button and select Page, then press ENTER.


First step is to select the Menu button and select Page, then select Data Overlay press ENTER.


The Overlay Data is the information that is displayed in the small blue box in the photo above, in this case it is the Time. If you want to change to a different Data display select Change and press ENTER.

MenuEdit The Overlay Data is the information that is displayed in the small blue box in the photo above, in this case it is the Time.

Now scroll down to Sonar and press the + icon to open up the drop down menu below it.

MenuTimeOptionSelect the Time option and then press ENTER. Now exit out by pressing the Menu button and the Overlay Data should be displaying on your screen. You will need to do this for each of your screen views to display the data you want displayed on the screen.

Hope this was helpful…

Humminbird – Settings – Software Version?

I’m asked at the sporting goods store I work at about what version software is on their Humminbird units. In this blog I’ll re-post the instructions on how to see what version software that is on your unit.


First step is to press your Menu button twice to get to the main menu. Select the Views Tab from the menu.selftest1

Step two is to move down the menu options until you get to the Self Test option. selftest2The default setting is set to Hidden, move your arrow key to get the Visible option.

selftest3Finally exit out of the Menu screen and press the Views or Exit button until you se the screen above. Your current version Software will be listed. Make sure to check with Humminbird to see what the most up to date version is and if the number on your unit is less that the new version. Download the update from Humminbird and update your unit to the newest version. If you are now sure how to udate clink on this link on my blog on how to update the software. How to Update Your software.


Humminbird – Views – GPS Accuracy

In this blog posting I’ll show you how to check the accuracy of your GPS signal on your Humminbird Unit. In this case I’m using a 858ci DI unit but it is the same with the others that have GPS except the Onix and ION units.


First step is to press your Menu button twice to get to the main Menu settings. Select the Tab at the top that has the Views tab as in the red circle above.


If you will notice that when you move down the settings to the GPS Diagnostic View option the default setting is set to Hidden.gpsview2

Next step is to change the Hidden option to Visible in the menu settings.

gpsview3Now that you have made the changes, exit out of the Menu setting by pressing the Exit button. From the main screen press either the Views button to move the Views forward or the Exit button to move the Views backwards until you see the above screen. Notice the two numbers that are in the red circle above. These numbers will show you the accuracy of your unit at that time. I always select this screen when I get to the ramp before I launch my boat to make sure the GPS is both working and that time and to check the accuracy of the unit. Hope this helps you to better understand your new Humminbird unit.

Humminbird Onix – Does it Help You Find Fish?

Here are few photos John Manor sent me from his recent trip on Florida’s St. Johns River that he found while scanning with his Humminbird Onix 10 SI unit. As you can see from the images that bass clearly stand out from the bottom.  John drooped a drop-shot rig down and took a few bass from these schools.


Also notice how the bass spread out horizontally along the bottom.


See how clear the brush tops show up on the down image view from the Humminbird Onix?


Another school of bass spread horizontally along the bottom.

Brodie’s Big Buck

Danny Montgomery sent me this photo of his grandson Brodie with his first buck this season. That’s one nice deer Brodie and thanks Danny for sharing the photo.

Brodie's big buck

Brodie’s big buck