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Humminbird – My Unit Not Saving Waypoints

I’ve seen on a couple of forums that Humminbird users can’t mark and save waypoints on their units. So I thought I’d do a blog on how to correct this problem, which is a simple solution to fix. Just follow the menu change in the following photos to fix this issue.

snapshot_2In this photo you can see that I have pressed the Mark button to create a waypoint on the map screen. The unit shows Successfully saved which in reality it would only save a snap shot of the screen but did not create a waypoint.

snapshot_6But when we press the Menu button once and scroll down to the waypoint, the unit did not create a waypoint. snapshot_3Now to verify that the waypoint was not created we can check this by doing the following. Press the Menu button twice select the Nav tab at the top.

snapshot_4Scroll down to the Waypoints, Routes, Tracks option and right arrow over to open this option.snapshot_5As you can see there is no waypoint in the list so it verifies that no waypoint was created.

snapshot_7Now let’s start over and make a few changes to the unit so it will be able to create a waypoint when the Mark button is pressed. Press the Menu button twice to go back to the main menu options screen. Scroll over to the Accessories tab at the top.

snapshot_8Scroll down to the Screen Snapshot option and you can see it is set to On this being set to On is the reason it will not allow you to save a waypoint on the unit.snapshot_9  Let’s make a change to the menu Screen Snapshot option screen and arrow to the right to change it from On to Off.snapshot_10Now let’s exit out of the Menu screen and go back to the Chart screen. Now when we press the Mark button to create a waypoint. Now you can see that the waypoint WP001 was created.

snapshot_11Now when we press the Menu button once we see that the Waypoint WP001 is now showing up in the options menu. If you scroll down to the waypoint and pres the Right arrow button we can Edit the waypoint, Goto the waypoint etc.

snapshot_13Now if we press the Menu button twice and go back to the Nav tab you will see that the waypoint WP001 was created and now showing up in the menu.

Good luck hope this helps you better learn the features on your Humminbird units.

Bluegill and Shellcracker Fishing

I had a chance to make a fishing trip a couple of weeks ago for bluegill and shellcrackers. Since I have not had a chance to do much fishing in the past few months because of an family medical issue I knew I’d have to take advantage of all my resources. In this case it was time of year, moon phase, electronics and talking to my fishing buddies. I had to work until about 4:00 p.m. so the time on the water was limited.

I launched my boat at the boat ramp turned on my Humminbird Onix side image and started scanning as I left the ramp area. About 30 yards from the ramp I found a bluegill bed and marked it with a waypoint. I figured I’d be able to fish this on the way back to the ramp if there were no other boats around. More on this later.

I ran down river a couple of miles and started scanning cuts and pockets that has gravel or sandy bottoms and I found what I was looking for. As you look at the photo image below you can clearly see all the beds off a point that was on a gravel bar.

PanfishBedsI pulled down current and dropped my anchor. The tackle I used was a 6′ medium action rod spooled with 4 pound Mr. Crappie Hi-Viz line. As for the lure it was a 1/32 or 1/16 ounce unpainted lead head rigged with a Big Bite Baits 1.5″ Panfish Minnow. the best colors were blue and silver and chartreuse brown but did not really matter. I caught 65 fish off this one bed, but I released everyone of them.

Here is a link to a short video I did on this fishing trip: Panfishing May 2015

As I returned to the ramp that I was going to fish the bed I found there I ran into a fishing buddy and told him about that bed. I showed him where it was and in doing so I made 7 cast and caught 5 bluegill off that bed before I loaded my boat up and headed home. Man does electronics make fishing a lot easier these days.