Monthly Archives: December 2015

Side Scanning Docks for Crappie

I recently had a chance to hit the lake for a day of crappie fishing. From reports from friends and others I had heard that the Dock Shooting bite was on for the crappie. A co-worker of mine Phil Lowry and I headed to the lake and launched my Ranger, powered on the Humminbird Onix and headed for the area of the lake we wanted to fish. I started on a point and turned my unit to side scan at 100′ out each side as I was wanting to convert the recording data into an AutoChart Pro map to be used in my Humminbird units. I had the chart speed set to 5 and was idling my boat at about 3.5 mph or so. Here is a link to a short video I did off the recording sorry for the shaking video as I was trying to hold my smartphone as I was viewing the recording. Side Scanning Docks for Crappie. Below is a photo of a screen shot from the recording. We shot this dock and caught about 20 crappie from this dock.


Below is a huge top placed in the lake by another crappie fisherman. We only caught about 6 crappie from this top.


Below is a photo of the largest crappie I caught that day, I’d say a little over two pounds.