Chartreuse Dipping Dye – Homemade

For years I have been buying “Chartreuse” dipping dye for my plastics. But at around $5.00 to $6.00 a bottle I decided to see if I could figure out how to make my own. Since I figured out the formula, I have made my own now for several years. See below the items you’ll need to start making your own for your personal use.

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Here’s the products you’ll need to make the dye. Which will make a lot of bottles of dye for you. I can not tell the difference from my homemade dye with the store bought brands.

First you will need a can of Acetone, this can be purchased at your local hardware store or big box store. Cost around: $6.00 or so.









Next you’ll need a bottle of “Color for Plastic Worms” which I bought from Barlow’s Tackle. Make sure you select the color:  Item # 405022-026 cost $3.99 for a one ounce bottle. Color for Plastic Worms (Transparent Fl. Chartreuse).


(Red color shown as an example)
To make the dye I take either an old dipping dye bottle or a one to two ounce glass jar and fill it to the neck of the bottle with the “Acetone”. Now just add about one or two squirts of the “Chartreuse Worm Color” to the “Acetone“. Place the cap on the bottle and simply shake the two items together. If you want the “Garlic” scent you can buy Garlic scents from online sources “Scents” or you can buy a small jar of crushed garlic at your local grocery store and just pour in the juice to the homemade dye.
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