Humminbird – Recording

I guess I should have done this blog before I posted the last two blogs. Anyway in this one I’ll show you step by step how to do recordings on your Humminbird Down Image and Side Image units. Before I go to the steps involved make sure you have an SD memory card in your spare slot in your unit. I don’t use the SD cards that have the HC on them as for some reason the files can’t be read by the viewing programs. I’m assuming it has to do with the compression data on the cards. Okay on to the first step.


First step is to make sure you are on this View on the unit. If it is not on your view options then make sure you have it set to View from the main menu under Views Tab.


Step two is to select your Menu button and select the Start Recording option from the menu.


Step three press the View screen that you want to watch as you are doing the recording. You can use any View as the Recording option will record all three views at the same time. In this image I’ve selected the Down Image View for this blog.


As you are riding around watching the screen you will occasionally see the Recording icon shown above. This lets you know that your are still in the Recording mode.


When you get ready to stop the Recording press your Menu button once and the Menu shown above will pop up and select the Stop Recording to end the Recording process.

I’ve found that you need to drive at a constant speed which for me is to put the boat in Forward gear and take my foot off my Hot-Foot throttle pedal and my boat will Idle at about 3.5 miles per hour. Make sure to drive in as straight a line as possible for the best recordings. Another thing to note is that on a 2 gig SD card you can record up to 5 hours of data. Learning to do the Recordings and reviewing them you will find a lot of stuff you missed while on the water. I hope this helps you enjoy your Humminbird units better and increases your fishing.