Humminbird – Views – GPS Accuracy

In this blog posting I’ll show you how to check the accuracy of your GPS signal on your Humminbird Unit. In this case I’m using a 858ci DI unit but it is the same with the others that have GPS except the Onix and ION units.


First step is to press your Menu button twice to get to the main Menu settings. Select the Tab at the top that has the Views tab as in the red circle above.


If you will notice that when you move down the settings to the GPS Diagnostic View option the default setting is set to Hidden.gpsview2

Next step is to change the Hidden option to Visible in the menu settings.

gpsview3Now that you have made the changes, exit out of the Menu setting by pressing the Exit button. From the main screen press either the Views button to move the Views forward or the Exit button to move the Views backwards until you see the above screen. Notice the two numbers that are in the red circle above. These numbers will show you the accuracy of your unit at that time. I always select this screen when I get to the ramp before I launch my boat to make sure the GPS is both working and that time and to check the accuracy of the unit. Hope this helps you to better understand your new Humminbird unit.