My Humminbird Onix Update

Follow Up March 10, 2015: Okay I had a chance to carry my Onix out this past weekend to make sure if my issue was repaired. Oh no, I’m still having the same problem. But I did just get off the phone with Humminbirds customer service and we think that the problem is with the transducer and not the unit itself. So they are shipping to me at no cost a new transducer to try. Once I receive it and have a chance to test it on the water again I’ll keep you posted.

Well I finally received my Onix back from Humminbird today from their note attached it was a software issue??? Bad news now is that I have been on vacation for the last three days and will not be able to test the unit for a few weeks to determine if had been repaired or not. Oh well at least I got it back!