My Tackle Box – River2Sea S-Wave’s

I just received an order that I had placed with River 2 Sea. In this order I had ordered three different lures. The lures I ordered were the S-Wavers, in three different sizes but one of the sizes was out of stock. I ordered two of the S-Waver 200’s, five of the S-Waver 168’s (out of stock) and 5 of the S-Waver 120’s. These lures are hard bodied swimbaits made famous for the California lakes. I’ve decided that since I will not get to do much fishing this year with the illness of my Mom I’ll just try for BIG fish when I do get to hit the lake. I’ve also ordered some Huddleston swimbaits, Spro BBZ’s in different sizes and a couple of Moreau Rats and Frogs. I’ll post a review on these lures once I receive them.