Lowrance – Part 2 – Sonar Logging

Okay now that we have our Sonar Logging recorded and placed in a folder on our home computer we need a way to view it. the program that I use is called Sonar Viewer. You can download the  at this link Sonar Viewer 2.1.2 . Once you download the program install it on your computer.

SonarViewer 3/2/2015 , 11:44:30 AM About SonarViewer [SCM]actwin,21,19,414,297;

SonarViewer 3/2/2015 , 11:45:37 AM SonarViewer

Now after we have installed the program and launched it we need to select the file or Sonar Logging we want to view. SonarViewer 3/2/2015 , 11:46:18 AM Open

Select File the go to the folder you created and select the file in this case the recording was named Sonar0000.sl2.



Now just hit the Arrow to start the recording. Notice that if you move your cursor over the item or object you will get the Depth, and GPS info along with other information.

Joy hope this helps you better use the tools we use for fishing.