Bull Shad vs. BD Shad


The Bull Shad is on the bottom and the BD Shad on top.

In this blog I’ll discuss the difference between the original Bull Shad swimbait versus the spin-off BD Shad from Trophy Technology LLC. First of the Bull Shad is a homemade swimbait hand made in the U.S. versus the BD Shad mass produced from China. I’ll give the Bull Shad the thumbs up for the lure being made in the U.S. not in China to increase the bottom line.

There is quite a difference in the price of these two swimbaits. The price was obtained from Tackle Warehoue and there could be lower and higher prices out there if you search around for them. The Bull Shad sells for $49.99 were as the BD Shad sells for $24.99. So I’ll give the lower price a thumbs up as I can purchase two BD Shads for the price of one of the Bull Shads.

As for the color pattern I bought both swimbaits in the Gizzard Shad pattern as that is one of the dominate forage fish in my area on the Tennessee River system. As for the paint job I have to give the BD Shad another thumbs up as the Bull Shad looks like a very quick paint job with very little detail. The Kill Spot on both lures is a single vertical line instead of a round or oval dot from the real bait fish.

BD_Shad BS_Shad

Both lures are the same length at 6″ from the nose to the tail not including the carbon fiber tails. As for weight there is on a .1 ounce difference between the two in that the Bull Shad weighted in at 2.1 ounces and the BD Shad weighing in at 2.2 ounces. This could be because of the larger cheaper hooks on the BD Shad that has cheap bronze hooks where as the Bull Shad has Owner 2X black nickel hooks and Hyperwire split rings. I’ll give the Bull Shad the thumbs up for the better hooks and the slightly lighter weight.


Looking at the way the swimbaits are made I’ll look at the joints of the two lures. AS you can see in the above photo there is a difference between the two body joints. On the BD Shad on the left you can see the angled body which will cause the swimbait to have a wider snake like swimming action. The Bull Shad has a flat even front edge with causes the swimbait to swim with a tighter more natural swimming action. For this I’ll give the thumbs up to the Bull Shad for it’s more natural swimming action.


Now lets look at the BD Shad on the left and we’ll see there is a small rare earth magnet molded into the swimbait. This is placed there as a hook holder that causes the front hook to lay flat along the body and not hang down as it does on the Bull Shad. The front hook hanger is also moved forward on the BD Shad more than on the Bull Shad. So I’ll give a thumbs up to the BD Shad for this innovation.


 Now the last thing I’ll talk about is the tails on the two swimbaits. As you can see from the photo above both have carbon fiber tails. The Bull Shad is on the left and the BD Shad on the right. I have seen some of the BD Shads that have really fast cut tails that are not true to form. To me the Bull Shad looks more natural so I’ll give the thumbs up to the Bull Shad.

In conclusion I’ll have to say I prefer the Bull Shad over the BD Shad first because it’s American made not in China. I like the swimming action better than the BD Shad and finally because Mike Bucca uses high quality hooks and split rings on his swimbaits. Thumbs up to the Bull Shad!

Note: I had to purchase both swimbaits and have not been contacted by either manufacturers of the swimbaits. This is my opinion only and yours might be different.