Things Found While Recording

I love to do recordings with my Humminbird Onix Touch 10SI and my Helix 12 Gen2 SI. I’ll spend hours sometimes just riding around and scanning the lake bottoms. Then when I get home I’ll review these recording with either ReefMaster Sonar Viewer or DeepViewVF software on my laptop or desktop computers. With these two programs I can really see much more detail from the recordings than I could with my onboard sonar units on my boat. The reason being is that with my laptop and a 17″ screen with the resolution set to 1600 x 900dpi the images are much better in detail than the
1280 x 800dpi on the Helix 12 or the 1024 x 768dpi on the Onix unit. So with the higher pixel count on the home computers this translates into a higher detailed image. I’ll see things on the computer that I never saw on the onboard units while on the lake.

Here is an example I pulled off the internet to show you the difference in pixel counts. As you can see the more pixels the clearer and more detailed the images will be. (Note: you will not get this extreme high detail as in the top image).

Higher Pixels mean clearer images.

In the images below I’ll post a bunch of boats I have found on my local lakes. So if you really want to take your side imaging and down imaging to the next level then I recommend that you learn how to scan, record and then view on your home computers. There is a few blogs on my site about this subject. Spend the time learning nd playing with the software and see what you can find on your local waters.

Old Sunken Barge
Boat with stakebed canes for crappie
this one found by a friend that sent me a recording he did.
Very old boat, possibly a civil war boat.
An old mussel drag boat.
Almost buried sunken barge.
Probably an old runabout boat.
I’ve caught lots of fish off this one.
Old barge below a local dam.
Another one below a local dam.
Old steam driven train and a box car.
Box car.
Another box car.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the images above and hope you learn to use your units and recordings from these examples.

Tight lines….