BER painting steps for repaints

I thought I’d post a few photos of a few steps I go through to paint one of my patterns. This is my “HD Sunburst Real Shad” pattern. this pattern is very time consuming with all the steps involved. This pattern when finished probably has around 15 to 16 coats of paint and sealer on it.


This photo shows the lure bodies after I have blasted off all the old paint with my “Soda Blaster” and primed the bodies with two coats of gray lacquer primer, two coats of white lacquer primer and then two coats of “High Gloss Pearl White” lacquer.


In this photo I have already gone through about five ort six coats of different automotive paints to get to this stage in the painting process.start2

In this photo I’m getting near the final stage of adding the 3D eyes, removing the blue painters tape and then I’ll epoxy coat and add the glitter to the final finish I use. Then the lures will rotate on my drying rack for at least three hours before I put them in my baking oven over night to cure the topcoat.start3In this photo you can see the final finished paint patterns. So you can see there is a lot of time and work that goes into repainting your lures when you send them to me. “HD Sunburst Real Shad“.


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