BER Custom Painting Pro – Lisa Opfer – LBAA Tournament Recap

I was a little nervous fishing my first tournament with the Lady Bass Angler’s Association, but everyone made me feel right at home.  The May 10 -11, 2013 tournament was held at Old HickoryLake in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

I fished as a co-angler and was paired up with a different pro each day.  Friday was cold and wet — it rained all day and even with rain gear on, I was soaked to the bone.  The first day I was paired with Lauren Prosser Crecelius, who did an excellent job dodging all the debris floating in the water.  For me, fishing was tough — with not being familiar with Old Hickory and adding in the weather conditions.  Even then, I was able to get 2 keepers in the boat (co-anglers have a 3 fish limit while pros have a 5 fish limit).  At weigh-in on Day 1, I was in 10th place with 3.95.


The weather on Day 2 was overcast and a little cold — was paired up with Kim Giddens — she did an awesome job navigating but fishing was tough.  Being familiar with the lake, I believe, was definitely an advantage.  Kim and I both caught some shorts and lost keepers.  After weigh-in on Day 2, I dropped from 10th down to 18th.


Some people might look at that and say, Aww, too bad,” — but I definitely do not feel that way.  I had an awesome time, met a lot of women whom I would enjoy fishing with again (but perhaps on water I’m familiar with!).  For being a newbie, fishing a lake I had never heard of, and throwing into the mix the very different weather conditions for the 2 days — I am very proud of how I did.

Weight In Video

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