BER Custom Lure Painting collage


Hey Bob,got the baits, awesome job,I love them,that little chubby modified shallow bait is very cool, I ran it in the pond, it's got great action,when you make more I would like to have a few more of that one,thanks again my friend, you have a great day,talk soon! Marc

My favorite color (HD Creek Chub) ever Bob. I’ve caught so many big Musky, Pike and huge walleyes on those lures you painted for me. Your the best! Yes I gave a couple to my good buddies but would never part with the rest. The Mann’s stretch 20+ in your creek chub color is the best trolling lure I’ve ever used for big fish. Your the man

Bob Eaton

Hey Bob, Even though I don't have any pictures to share this time (I left the camera at home), I had a great day fishing for Crappie yesterday at one of my favorite lakes. I kept a few fish over 12 inches, which I ended up giving to a woman who was fishing for her supper by the ramp and was not doing any good at all. The Crappie hit the Snap Shad you custom painted for me at the rate of 3 to 1 over everything else I tried. I look forward to the next time I get the chance to go fishing. My free time is pretty limited and I really need to make the most of it. The paint job you did on my lures definitely helps me maximize the productivity of my fishing time and I really appreciate it.

Thank you. Regards, Jim Cornwell Hillsborough, N.C.

Hi Bob, Not a lot of size but I probably caught around 50 spotted bass this weekend on one of the lures you painted for me. Thanks, Scott Ramirez

Bob, Looking at this picture reminds me how far your painting has progressed over the years. You really have become one of the top lure painters in my book. I’ve been blessed with many talents, becoming an artist was not one of them. I think it’s incredible how you can make a hunk of wood or plastic come to life. Dana

Mr. Bob, I received the baits today they are beyond my expectations. Honestly I had forgot about them until they came in the mail. Will send photos from Toledo Bend.

Thanks, Don S....

Bob, The lures look great. I will fish the heck out of them and will send you pictures on the fish that I catch. I am sure that I will probably have a few of my friends send you crankbaits and get them painted (either with my order or separately). They were very impressed with the paint job. Thanks again,

Tony A....

Got my baits today. All I can say is "wow". Thanks for an awesome job, these Potomac River bass are in trouble. Thanks again

Robert F......


I received the baits today, all I can say is you nailed it. I’m extremely pleased with how everything turned out. You have established yourself as a premier lure painter and you should be proud of your accomplishments.


Hey Bob, I received the lures last night and they look GREAT!!!  Thank you for the nice work and timely turn around. 

Tom Mc.....

Hello Bob. Just got home and found a box with the best looking lures I have ever seen in it. Boy you are awesome my friend. I'm taking them in to show all my fishing buddies at work tomorrow. I just couldn't ask for anything more!
I really do appreciate everything you have done for me on these lures, really like them a lot!!!!

Bob Eaton

 I received the lures today and you have exceeded my expectations once again.
 The HD schemes are awesome!   The Good Lord certainly blessed you with superior panting skills and your work is appreciated.

 I received the lures yesterday and they look just great. I definitely will be a repeat customer. Looking forward to putting them to use to bag my first double digit Striper. Thanks again.

Bob, got them yesterday, awesome job. Thanks for the quick turn around. I know we sent you a rather large order. Hey, two of the guys are so impressed, they have offered themselves as possible advertisers. If you have any decal or or t-shirts we’ll be glad to show you off. Anything we can do for you here in Charlotte, NC let us know. “ Man I hate to put these in the water for fear of losing them”

Reggie Pollock

Note* I painted Reggie 83 lures in this order! This is the second time he has send me lures to repaint for him.

 I received the lures today and they are awesome!!!! I can't wait to try them this weekend in the BFL tourney!!! Colors are perfect!! Thanks again!!! I will be sending more lures your way in the near future!!!!!
 Thank you,
 Randy Ruffin

All I can say is AMAZING! your work is top of the line..... I look forward to fishing these baits in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again,

Chuck Gray

Bob, Thanks so very much for working with me till we got the Big O's just right with that great new Daisy Mae color and pattern. Outstanding job as are all the lures you have painted for me.  I showed one to a buddy who had a booth at a tackle show and the lure literally brought the place to a stand still as people stopped to admire it .  My problem now is to keep people from "begging" me out the O's you painted for me and I also have to somehow cure this "they are just too pretty to fish" problem I have. Lol   Absolutely fantastic work and I appreciate it, my friend. 

Thanks, D, Hutchison

Thanks again for everything, oh and the bluegill and LTS look awesome.

Great work man!

Brian McCalip

The lures look Great!!!! I will be sending more probably on Monday or tuesday. I would like them the same color pattern. I'm amazed by your work and I sure will be recommending you to my fellow anglers. Thank You,


 The crankbaits you just painted for me look great as always. Once again you nailed what I was wanting them to look like. I will be sending some more baits to you to paint for me very soon. When I do send the next batch you can just fit them into your schedule as needed, it's well worth my time to wait for you to paint these for me.

Thanks again,
Joe H.


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