BER Custom Lure Painting collage

Lipless Patterns

These are a few of the many patterns of lipless lures I've done over the years. I can paint any of my patterns on lipless lure bodies. I have a lot of the original Rat-L-Trap blanks in stock that I can paint in all three sizes, 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz. and the 3/4 oz. models.

If you have not visited this page lately you might want to hit your "Refresh or F5 key" to reload the page. The name of the pattern will be at the top of the "place card" when you click on the photo to get an enlarged view.

More to Come

I'm continually getting requests for new patterns and I have lots of drawings with new patterns and color schemes in my shop that when I find the time I'll be doing. So please check back often for my new designs.

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New For 2018

Click on the Photo below to go to my newest patterns for 2017.

HD Blueback Herring